NCCAOM Option 1B – 60 CEUs w/ 4 Free Acupuncture CEUs – Full Recertification

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4 CPR Tips – CPR for Acupuncturists (4 CEUs FREE)
Satisfies the Stand-Alone CPR Requirement

Acupuncture Ethics Part 1 (2 CEUs Required Ethics Category)
This course will discuss the topics of acupuncture practice regarding state laws, truthful advertising and history of advertising, appropriate credentials and designation, efficacy in treatment out comes, and state regulatory reporting.
3 Safety Lessons – Acupuncture for Pediatrics (2 CEUs Required Safety Category) 
This course will discuss a variety of transmittable diseases, how they are spread, and prevention techniques to keep your practice clean and safe. Diseases that are discussed include HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Influenza, Malaria, Polio, Tuberculosis. This class is worth 2 PDA points for the Safety Category.
“2050” Advanced Future Stem Cell Treatments (15 CEUs)
This course will discuss many areas of medicine pertaining to stem cells such as what they are, what they do, what are their capabilities, how effective stem cell treatment is, what research has been conducted on stem cells thus far, what medical conditions stem cell treatments can be used for, and much more. An excellent new area of medicine that everyone in the health care field should be aware of.
A Basic Acupuncture Guide to Insomnia (15 CEUs)
Do you see a lot of patients in your practice seeking treatment for insomnia?  For a great price, this course will discuss a variety of research studies done on acupuncture for insomnia, review acupuncture points for treatment, provide a comprehensive over view of the CAUSES of insomnia, and additional tips and techniques will be explained on getting a restful sleep.  Education will be provided on the different prescription medications for insomnia and their potential side effects.  Some questions we will answer in this course:  Are herbs combined with acupuncture more effective in treating insomnia than just herbs alone? Does aromatherapy with use of essential oils work to promote restful sleep?  Can beta-blockers cause insomnia?  These questions and more will be answered in “A Basic Acupuncture Guide to Insomnia”!
A Battle with Sciatica: Important Anatomy & Physiology (13 CEUs)
Would you like to learn more about the anatomy and physiology of the body as it relates to sciatic pain?  For a great price, expand your knowledge on the anatomy of the spinal vertebrae, spinal nerves, and learn about the many other anatomical components that make up the back.  This course will also go over various conditions that may cause a patient to feel sciatic pain.  A vital course for any acupuncturist providing treatments for pain management.
A Battle with Depression: Important Anatomy & Physiology (13 CEUs)
Are you interested in anatomy and physiology of the brain and how this ties into depression?  Well, we have an excellent course for you.  For a great price, this course will discuss brain regions, neurotransmitters, hormone imbalances, and exciting research about depression and how it occurs in the brain.  By taking this course, you will grow your knowledge on depression, and have this new found knowledge to help educate your patients and fellow colleagues about this condition.  This course is a must for any acupuncture practitioner eager to learn and understand the specific effects depression has on the brain.
** CPR Not Included and is a Stand Alone Requirement.