Florida Acupuncture CEU / PDA Requirements

Florida Acupuncture Continuing Education

FL Acupuncture Recertification Requirements

30 CEUs needed every two years before February 28, 2020.  
Here is the breakdown of the 30 Credits:
21 General Hours
5  Bio-Medicine
2 Medical Errors
2 Laws & Rules
Licensees renewing for the first time are REQUIRED to complete 2 Hours of Medical Errors and 3 Hours of HIV/AIDS.
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The course packages on this page are for Florida Board CEUs ONLY.   Mutually approved NCCAOM & Florida Board Courses are marked with a red star (*).
Florida Acupuncture CEUs

Florida Acupuncture Board Approved Live Webinars 

Acupuncture Continuing Education Live Webinars

“We Dream In Chinese” Live Webinar

LIVE with Trisha Phaklides, L.Ac
Saturday, January 12, 2019
Category 1 Live Continuing Education
NCCAOM Approved (1208), California Board (1304) & Florida Board (20-689666) Approved
4 Hour LIVE Webinar 


Florida Acupuncture CEU Courses
Option 1

Full Recertification – 30 CEUs – Get all the Requirements
Buy 28 CEUs, Get 2 CEUs Free!
You save $19.98!

Total $279.72  

General Hours (21)
Depression A&P 12 CEUs
Depression WTX 5 CEUs
Depression ETX 5 CEUs

Bio-Medicine (5)
Sciatica A&P 5 CEUs

Laws & Rules (2)
Acupuncture Ethics Part 1 – 2 CEUs *

Medical Errors (2)
Free Acupuncture Herbal Safety Part 1 – 2 CEUs *

Florida Acupuncture CEU Courses
Option 2

Buy 13 CEUs
Get 1 CEU Free! – You Save $9.99!

Option A

General Hours
Depression A&P 12 CEUs

Medical Errors
Herbal Safety Basics 2 CEUs *

Option B

General Hours
Depression A&P 12 CEUs

Laws & Rules
Acupuncture Ethics Part 1 – 2 CEUs *

Florida Acupuncture CEU Courses
Option 3

Purchase a Course Individually – Regular Price – $9.99 per Credit
Acupuncture Continuing Education back pain

Acupuncture for Joint & Back Pain Part 1

NCCAOM, Florida (General Hours) & Texas CAE Approved Only
15 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
Are you interested in expanding your knowledge on treating back pain?  For a great price, this course will go over must know research on acupuncture joint and back pain, discuss popular acupuncture points and dietary recommendations, and tips to reduce inflammation.
Depression CEU

12 Acupuncture CEUs Depression A&P

Florida Board (General Hours) Approved Only
12 CEUs
Are you interested in anatomy and physiology of the brain and how this ties into depression? Well, we have an excellent course for you. For a great price, this course will discuss brain regions, neurotransmitters, hormone imbalances, and exciting research about depression and how it occurs in the brain. By taking this course, you will grow your knowledge on depression, and have this new found knowledge to help educate your patients and fellow colleagues about this condition. This course is a must for any acupuncture practitioner eager to learn and understand the specific effects depression has on the brain.
Sciatica CEU

5 Acupuncture CEUs Sciatica A&P

Florida Board (Bio-Medicine Category) Approved Only
5 CEUs
Would you like to learn more about the anatomy and physiology of the body as it relates to sciatic pain? For a great price, expand your knowledge on the anatomy of the spinal vertebrae, spinal nerves, and learn about the many other anatomical components that make up the back. This course will also go over various conditions that may cause a patient to feel sciatic pain. A vital course for any acupuncturist providing treatments for pain management.
Nutrition Research Course for Acupuncturists

A Balanced Diet: Understanding Nutrition Through Research

NCCAOM, California & Florida Board (General Hours) Approved Only
4 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
This course will cover research conducted on different areas of nutrition such as high fiber diets, disease prevention through nutrition, the best type of diet for weight loss, the effects of diet on neurocognitive function, the real effectiveness of oral supplements, and under what scenarios we receive the most benefit from them. Additionally, areas of nutrition research that highlight the benefits of exercise & diet on longevity and quality of life will be discussed.
Acupuncture CEUs Nutrition

3 Basic Lessons in Nutrition

NCCAOM, California Board (Cat I) & Florida Board (General Hours) Approved Only
3 CEUs/PDAs – AOM-BIO Category
The purpose of this course is to breakdown the science behind nutrition so we can better understand the effects of food on the body.  This course has a strong correlation with oriental medicine because the food we eat can make us feel better or worse, and proper nutrition can work to assist any complimentary acupuncture treatments.
traditional chinese medicine ART

Acupuncture Herbal Safety

NCCAOM, California & Florida Board (Medical Errors) Approved Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Safety Category
Do you love working with herbs and believe they can be a great addition to acupuncture treatments?  For a great price, this class goes over herbal safety rules, regulations, prevention of medical errors, and important details providers must know before prescribing herbs to patients.  Upon completion of the course, you will be able to identify safety recommendations for herbs that can be used to enhance your every day practice, as well as valuable tools/lessons that can be used to keep your patients and yourself safe.
Acupuncture Continuing Education Moxibustion

Acupuncture Herbal Safety Part 2

NCCAOM, California & Florida Board (Medical Errors) Approved Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Safety Category
Do you love herbs and want to learn more about them?  For a great price, Acupuncture Herbal Safety Part 2 (2 PDA Points in the NCCAOM Safety Category) goes into more depth on the potential adverse effects of Chinese Herbs, their healing indications, and the management & storage of these herbs.  An excellent Safety class for any practitioner using and prescribing patients herbs in their day to day practice.
3 Safety Lessons Anatomy Acupuncture

"3 Safety Lessons" - Anatomy & Acupuncture

NCCAOM, California & Florida Board (Medical Errors) Approved Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Safety Category
This course will focus on specific cases where injuries have occurred due to incorrect acupuncture needling, and we will identify regions of the body that are more at risk for these types of injuries. A review of anatomy, the central nervous system, and peripheral nervous system will be taught in connection with safety lessons based on previous case studies and reported incidents.
Acupuncture CEU Insurance and HIPAA

"2 Ethical Lessons" - Understanding HIPAA & Insurance

NCCAOM & Florida Board (Laws & Rules) Approved Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Ethics Category
This course will cover ethical concepts pertaining to dealings with insurance companies and HIPAA laws & regulations, and how the two are connected. Topics include filling of ethical claims, insurance rules and guidelines, understanding HIPAA law, protection and confidentiality of Health care data, and other national regulations. Reasons behind the change from HIPAA 4010 to HIPAA 5010 will be discussed, including the difference between the new HIPAA and the old HIPAA rules.
Acupuncture CEU Billing and Coding Ethics

2 Ethical Billing & Coding Tips

NCCAOM, California & Florida Board (Laws & Rules) Approved Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Ethics Category
This course will cover a detailed explanation of insurance billing in the scope of patient security in the ever changing world of health care information technology, including key legal policies all providers need to be aware of. Laws and regulations guiding the medical industry will be discussed, including the HIPAA Act, False Claims Act, Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Law, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Ethical procedures in regards to electronic billing, software use in electronic billing, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), filing Manual Claims, CMS-1500 form, UB-04, and understanding the processes of medical clearinghouses will all be discussed.
doctor business

Acupuncture Ethics Part 1

NCCAOM, California, & Florida Board (Laws & Rules) Approved Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Ethics Category
Review your knowledge on patient ethics, professional ethics, professional boundaries, and public ethics in the health care field. 
Acupuncture NCCAOM Safety Course

"3 Safety Lessons" - Acupuncture Needling Part 1

NCCAOM & Florida Board (Medical Errors) Approved Only
2 CEUs/PDAs – Safety Category
This safety course will discuss 3 key areas acupuncture and TCM providers must know to maintain safe acupuncture treatment protocol. We will cover needling guidelines and safety tips, which include understanding adverse events, contraindications to acupuncture treatment, and complications in association with acupuncture treatment.