California Acupuncture CEU / PDA Courses & Requirements

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California Acupuncture Continuing Education

CA Acupuncture Recertification Requirements:

50 CEUs needed every two years before the last day of your birthday month. Here is the break down of the 50 Credits:

  • 25 credits Distance Learning (ex. Online Article).
  • 25 Credits Have to be Live (ex. Class face to face interaction).
  • 5 credits out of the 50 could be business or practice management courses.

Please note – The California Board does not require any NCCAOM Certification.  The packages listed on this page are specific to California Board Recertification. 

California Acupuncture CEUs

California Acupuncture Board Approved Live Webinars 

Acupuncture Continuing Education Live Webinars 2018
“We Dream In Chinese”

LIVE with Trisha Phaklides, L.Ac

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Category 1 Live Continuing Education

CA Provider #1304

NCCAOM Approved, Provider #1208

4 Hour LIVE Webinar 


California Acupuncture Board Approved

Distance Learning Reading Material

California ONLY CEU Reading Courses Option 1

Buy 23 CEUs, Get 2 CEUs Free!  Savings of $19.98. Total $229.77
Fulfills two years of Long Distance California course requirement.

Sciatic Pain Course Series

Sciatica Anatomy and Physiology
(6 CEUs)

Sciatica Signs and Symptoms
(4 CEUs)

Sciatica Eastern Treatments
(6 CEUs)

Sciatica Western Treatments
(4 CEUs)

Acupuncture Business Success Part 1 (Category II, 5 CEUs)

California ONLY CEU Reading Courses Option 2

Buy 13 CEUs
Get 1 FREE! – You Save $9.99

Sciatic Pain Courses

Sciatica Anatomy & Physiology
(6 CEUs)

Sciatica Signs & Symptoms
(4 CEUs)

Sciatica Eastern Treatments
(4 CEUs)



Continuing education is very important for acupuncturist who to enhance their skills and knowledge in a certain area or learn about advancements in the field with new trends in medical technology. They can choose to train in a number of areas when gaining continuing education. Applicant will need to become certified in order to practice acupuncture medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) provides certification.

Today, there are advance educational programs and continuing education courses in acupuncture Acupuncturist may choose to enroll in these training courses to further the scope of healthcare services to enhance treatment.

Acupuncturist in California must pass the state Acupuncture Board, upon passing the practitioner is giving the title Licensed Acupuncturist, abbreviated L.Ac. They use this title after their name. It is important that the practitioner be licensed in the state. All California licensed acupuncturist is to take up to 25 acupuncturist continuing education credits hours (CEU every 2 years) to have an acupuncture license.

California Acupuncture CUE and PDA Requirements

*50 hours of continuing education units (CEU) every two years.

*25 CEU’s of the total 50 CEU is distance learning credits.

*5 credits could be for practice management courses.

The California Acupuncture Board requires an acupuncturist to retain records of continuing education courses for a minimum of 4 years.  All acupuncturist courses must be certified by both California   Acupuncture CUEs and  NCCAOM  PDAs  (1 PDA = 1 CEU).

The national NCCAOM license allows for all of the required credits (PDA points) to be completed online whereas the California Acupuncture Board allows 50% of the required continuing education credits (CEUs) to be completed.

License Renewal Requirements

For acupuncturist with a new license that has been issued for less than two years, the requirements for CEUs vary. An acupuncturist with a California license renewal due who has maintained their license:

* 13-16 months is required to complete 35 continuing education units (CEUs).

* 17-20 months, 40 acupuncture CEUs are require for acupuncture license renewal.

*21-23 months, acupuncture license recertification requires 45 acupuncture

The acupuncture license renewal fee is every two years.  Acupuncturists are required to submit the fee and the California Acupuncture Board application before the expiration date. Since it is illegal to practice acupuncture in California without an acupuncture license, all acupuncturists practicing with an expired license are subjects to disciplinary action. Additional fee is added to the license renewal fee, if it is not paid by the expiration date.

Acupuncture license expire on the last day of the birth month of the licensee every two years. A license that has expired may be renewed with three years after its expiration by filing an application for acupuncture license renewal with the California Acupuncture Board. After three years of acupuncture expiration date, the license cannot be renewed.

Note that there is a special NCCAOM  provision for acupuncture license renewal: A minimum of 15 NCCAOM  acupuncture PDAs must be in one of the “5 branches of Oriental Medicine” and “4 of which must be in Ethics and Safety); according to the NCCAOM. The NCCAOM also requires CPR training for every four years.

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